Uche Aguh

Born and raised in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, Uche is the middle child of five. It was in Nigeria he developed his affinity for performance, and his love for film. His parents from an early age saw in him, an intelligence that could only match a career in Medicine. At the age of ten, Uche moved to Texas, where he lived with an uncle and aunt in pursuit of a career in medicine.

After obtaining a bachelors degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Uche obtained a Masters. From Mississippi College, both degrees in Biology. He attended Howard University College of Medicine but decided not to practice Medicine. He moved to Europe, where he shot his first short film “I STILL DO”. With several shorts under his belt, and his first feature film ‘THE HOUSE INVICTUS’ in post-production, Uche Aguh, is ready to take the Film industry by storm.

As an actor, writer, and a director, Uche pays close mind in the execution of every minute detail of story telling. His writing informs the directing, which in hand, informs the performance. No one branch is more important than the other.

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