Ted Lazaris

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: As, author of the DragonMan Series I think it’s time I share with you, my life long struggle with dyslexia. I have always struggled with the problem. In school, it was always terribly difficult for me to read what was right in front of me. And reading, writing, and spelling still to this day remain difficult for me. One thing I’ve learned despite having this learning disability, I can accomplish my goals, if I don’t, get overwhelmed by the big picture… I just take one step at a time. DragonMan: Face Of The Unknown, authored by Ted Lazaris, who created DragonMan and wrote the series of novels, has accomplished the amazing feat of debuting at NUMBER #1 on AMAZON KINDLE, ahead of David Baldacci and James Patterson novels. #1 AMAZON Best-Selling American Author – Screenwriter – Motion Picture Producer – Songwriter, Ted Lazaris, (DragonMan Productions) received the attention and a Letter of Commendation from former First Lady, Laura Bush. Screenplays are written by Ted Lazaris and adapted from his published novels by the same names. DragonMan is based on the series of published novels written by and the original characters created by Ted Lazaris.

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