Omer Sarikaya

Omer Sarikaya was born and raised in Batman/Turkey and he is a film writer, Director and Producer . He is co-founder A Relations between Turkey and Ireland regarding great famine 1845-1851 He fell in love with a real life historical story between Ireland and Turkey. Omer spent two years researching the story of the time of the Irish famine when the Ottoman Sultan sent ships of aide to Ireland. Omer Sarikaya, he was determined to written a “Famine” to bringing the past back to life to the big screen, and inform the world of this magnificent tale in a very special way. Omer Sarikaya, was writing his a second film its Called “Edict of Expulsion 1492” Based on True events The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews(1492 (Spain) Omer Sarikaya, was also writing he’s third film that is one the most powerful story called “Mesopotamia” and is a period about Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters (The Cradle of Civilization).

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