Ole Christian Madsen

Ole Christian “OC” Madsen is from the “Golden Year” of the Danish Filmschool, including director’s like Thomas Vinterberg and Per Fly. Ole Christian Madsen started out directing television series, but moved on to his first feature Sinans Wedding in 1997, followed by highly acclaimed second feature Pizza King (1998) – both films dealt with 2nd generation emigrant issues, and became the first of their kind approaching this subject in Denmark. OC moved on to the highly profiled miniseries “Edderkoppen”, a film-noir vision of post-war Copenhagen in 1949, an elegant romantic gangster-flick. The seriel is still one of it’s kind in Denmark, and became immensely popular. Award-winning breakthrough arised with “En Kaerlighedshistorie”. Besides taking home international awards, it swept the national Bodil, and Robert-awards in 2002. With the adaptation of his good friend Jakob Ejersbo’s Nordkraft, he made his first hit movie. One year later he wrote and directed Prag. And another year after came the 2WW resistance drama Flame & Citron. It became the biggest box-office hit in 10 years – and the most expensive danish-languaged movie ever. In 2010 “OC” shot his latest film Superclasico in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will premiere in Copenhagen March 2011.

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