Jon Taffer

Host and co-executive producer, Bar Rescue (2011). President, Nightclub & Bar Media Group Chairman, “Taffer Dynamics, Inc.”

The wine world has Robert Parker. Cigar and pipe smokers have Richard Carlton Hacker. However, within the greater nightclub, bar and restaurant industry, there is no greater authority than Jon Taffer. With close to three decades of hands-on experience, Taffer is a two-time winner of the Bar Operator of the Year award, among myriad of other honors, and his renowned method of management, “Taffer Dynamics”, has become the gold standard of the industry. As chairman of Taffer Dynamics and President of the Nightclub & Bar Media Group, Taffer is a highly respected industry expert, management guru and, as of 2011, television star as well.

In the summer of 2011, Spike TV debuted Bar Rescue (2011), a documentary-style series spotlighting Taffer as he gives struggling restaurants and bars a last chance to succeed. Focusing on one establishment each week, the series puts Taffer at the heart of the storm: helping to improve every facet of an American restaurant or bar–from theming to staffing, pricing to promotions, menus to music. If there’s anyone who can save it from going belly-up, it’s Jon Taffer. If je can’t, it’s toast.

As Chairman of Taffer Dynamics, he was appointed by Questex Media Group LLC to serve as president of its Nightclub & Bar Media Group in January 2010. In this post, he oversees and facilitates synergies among the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, Nightclub & Bar Magazine and related digital media products. He also sits on its board of directors and serves as a consultant and development adviser to major restaurants, nightclubs and hotels worldwide. Taffer Dynamics acquired Neighborhood Marketing Institute (NMI) in 2004, and continued to evolve its offerings with powerful strategies and tactics that typically increased sales by double digits.

Taffer is one of only six inductees into the Nightclub Hall of Fame, and also holds such distinctions as “Pub Master” in the United Kingdom with multiple honors as “Operator of the Year” and winner of “Property of the Year”. He was also recognized as “a major leaguer” in Inc. Magazine’s feature, “Angels of the Night”.

Taffer is a coveted keynote speaker at major industry conventions and events.

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