Conrad Faraj

Conrad Faraj is a Honduran/American filmmaker based out of Cleveland, OH. He is most notably known for his indie features Fighting the Sky, The Colours of Desire, and The Wind is Watching. Faraj’s extensive filmography includes over 150 short films, music videos, documentaries, and feature films. He is one of the youngest filmmakers under 30 years old to have successfully completed and distributed over 6 feature length films.

Faraj began filmmaking at the age of 13, merely months after his family moved from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Cincinnati, OH. It is then that his passion for making movies flourished and he began his career as an amateur filmmaker. In late 2009, Faraj had a break-through with his 39 minute drama “The Artist” which garnered international acclaim at various film festivals. At age 21, he produced, wrote, and directed his first feature film “The Shadow People” which eventually led to many opportunities working on a multitude of film sets in Los Angeles and New York City.

Since then, Faraj has made a diverse range of features and short films, and has been recognized by many critics and media outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, Collider,, JoBlo, Film Threat, and many more. Faraj is a 2-time champion of the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project and is currently in production on his first major television show.

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