Brandon Hardesty

Brandon Hardesty was born in Baltimore, MD on April 13th, 1987. He attended Baltimore Lutheran School and in his 6th year he was asked by his English teacher to be in the school play. He performed in two plays: The Crucible and George Washington Slept Here.

After graduating, he attended Stevenson University and Towson University, majoring in film. In 2006, when YouTube first gained popularity, Hardesty made videos in his parents’ basement. The videos depicted Hardesty reenacting his favorite scenes from movies. They quickly grew in popularity, and in 2007, Hardesty had one of his videos featured in a Geico commercial.

In late 2007, Hardesty was contacted by a film producer who had seen one of his videos. He asked him to audition for an independent film: Bart Got A Room, starring William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines. Hardesty got the part, and subsequently got representation.

In early 2008, Hardesty made five consecutive appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring his own reenactments of the five Best Picture nominees that year. After that, stayed on the east coast and worked in a grocery store until he got a lead role in American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love, as well as a supporting role in Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star. Hardesty has lived bicoastally in Los Angeles, CA and Baltimore, MD ever since. He continues to make YouTube videos, but his focus has mostly been on auditioning for roles in feature films and television shows.

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