Bob DeBrino

Bob DeBrino is a member of the Producers, Director’s and Writers Guilds of America. He has developed many quality Film and TV projects and has completed several major feature films and TV pilots. He maintains the dramatic rights to several literary properties such as, The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano (by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer), The Vatican Connection (by Richard Hammer), Rough Magic The Sylvia Plath’s Story (by Paul Alexander), Juiced (by Harper Collins) New York Times Bestsellers list for fourteen weeks. The Andy Warhol Estate (by Paul Alexander), Cathedral (by Nelson DeMille), Justice Denied (by Robert K. Tanenbaum) and Murder Machine (by Jerry Capacci).

Bob Debrino has worked in all aspects of development in film and television. He worked as a producer at the following companies, Canon Pictures, Dan Blatt Productions at Warner Brothers Studios, Al Ruddy at the Ruddy-Morgan Organization who produced the (Godfather), Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

He has several projects in development for network and cable television: Trump Tower from Donald Trump, Showtime Television, Rainbows Hallmark Entertainment, The Chameleon CBS TV, Boston Point Shaving Case, ABC TV/New Regency/Warner Bros, Riley for the People, CBS- TV and VJ Records: The Vivienne Carter Story Susan DEPasse Entertainment/Mo Town Music TV, Colony in Space, CBS TV. City of Miracles, NBC TV. He has developed and Co-Produced, The Alyssa Milano Story, Lifetime Television’s Bio Pic.

He has completed Shut Up and Shoot, starring Tom Seizemore, Gary Busey, Daniel Baldwin and John Savage, Find Me Guilty starring Vin Diesel and Peter Dinklage, directed by Sidney Lumet. Twister starring Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. Ivory Keyes starring Martin Landau.

Documentary films include Simon Bolivar’s, Path to Glory starring Sal Pacino, Kathy Pacino, Bebsabe Duque and Laureano Olivares.

Bob was a New York City Police Officer and was injured in the line of duty while foiling a bank holdup. He has been wounded and shot four times and has stopped his assailants by returning fire. Bob worked in several units in the NYPD, Patrol, Anti-Crime, Vice, Homicide, and Narcotics. He has approximately 39 citations for bravery and has received the Honor Legion Medal. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Cop of the Month Award “several times.” Bob retired early from the NYPD due to many line of duty injuries and currently has a successful career as producer-writer in the Film and Television industry.

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