Joshua Hupper

Josh Hupper was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He discovered skateboarding at 14 and fashion design four years later. College was rough, as fashion design was something Hupper chose on a whim and hadn’t anticipated being as controversial as it proved to be. This ended up working in Hupper’s favor though, as becoming a social pariah in college turned him into a study nerd. The summer before his senior year, Josh went to New York for an internship with Diane VonFurstenberg, and there he experienced everything that would push him to make a career in fashion. Josh returned to Ohio to finish his senior year and was scouted to work for Dr. Bahman Taheri’s ‘AlphaMicron.’ There he spent the next three years working on fashion applications of liquid crystal while showing his first three shows in New York City. After a brief stint in Tokyo, Josh returned to New York and began working for Thakoon. In the summer of 2009, Josh began working for Nathan Jenden in London where he met Qiaoran Huang, his business partner, and after about a year working for Nathan the pair left to create ‘Babyghost.’

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