Emma Lovett

Emma Lovett is a professional webcam model and actress. Growing up she spent time in modeling, acting and dance classes. At the age of 19 Emma began webcam modeling and started her own business as a full time model.

Emma entered the webcamming field in 2012, breaking all conventional molds and writing her own script. Marketing herself as an entrepreneur, she has a unique manner of interacting with everyone who comes her way.

She made her mark in 2014 when she was featured on HBO with her husband, Eddie. Then again on the UK’s Channel 4. Followed by a short film “The Lovetts” with multiple award winning Croatian Director, Igor Bezinovic. Currently (2017-2019) Emma is working on a full feature length documentary with HBO Europe set to debut in late 2020.

Emma has won 5 awards for her work in the webcam industry including “Best Cam Model Personal Site” at The Adult Webcam Awards 2015 and Best Live Cam Couple at the AW Awards in 2016. She was awarded three years concurrently at the Live Cam Awards 2015, 2016, 2017 and again in 2019.

Emma and Eddie presently live and work in Budapest, Hungary and have three small dogs.

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