Khnadya Skye Nelson

Khnadya Skye Nelson’s first name is actually Akhnadya. She prefers to be called Skye. She is the young wife, best friend and legal advisor of veteran Actor Haywood Nelson Jr. Born in Nubia, Egypt and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Washington, D.C. Her ethnicity is Egyptian, Arabic and Ethiopian. Skye is an extremely private individual, especially when it comes to her high profile Family and Friends. She is slated as being the one you want to be friends with due to her heart being of pure love and the joy of seeing others success and succeed in life. It’s stated that Skye owns several businesses under the name SkyeWood International, within the world of oil and architectural technology. Currently though, Skye is filming future drama/horror shows like the series “Khnadya Skye”, “The Industry Syndrome” and “Sneakers to Stilettos” which is a drama series about the shoe industry. “Did You See It” and “Creatures In The Night” which are both horror movies. By: Renee Washington

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