M.I. Littin-Menz

Born Santiago de Chile . born in Santiago de Chile in the bosom of a filmmaker’s family. Moved with his family to México city and Madrid, Spain, where he completed his education and went to film School.

He is a prestigious Cinematographer at present. His works have been Internationals rewarded in the most prestigious and diverse festivals of cinema such as Cannes, Venezia, Toronto, Sundance or Camerimage. One of his prominent films is “Hands of Stone” led by Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez, directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz had a world premiere in the Official Selection of Cannes film festival. He is also involved in the new J.Jakubowicz’s movie “Resistance” led by Jesse Eisenberg about the young Marcel Marceau in the second World War filmed in Europe during the fall and will be released in 2020.

One of his last collaboration with new Director’s was the success in Toronto and multiples film festivals, the Award Winner “The Vast of Night” directed by Andrew Patterson which will be Theatrical premiered in 2020.

In his career stands out his collaboration with the Director Andrés Wood, in movies like the outstanding “Machuca” (Cannes film festival) and “Violeta Went to Heaven” (Sundance Top Prize) among others. He has also collaborated with successful filmmakers such as the Academy Award Winner Sebastián Lelio, the Cannes Palme d’Or Winner Carlos Carrera and many others who have been nominated to the Academy Award like Susan Seidelman, Pedro Peirano and Pablo Larraín as well.

Another collaboration it is the Canadian/Cuban film “A Translator” directed by Sebastian and Rodrigo Barriuso and led by Rodrigo Santoro it was a part of the Official Competition at Sundance film festival.

In addition to his feature work, Littin-Menz has shot TV series for the most prestigious channels such as HBO (Prófugos), NETFLIX, TNT (Echoes of the desert), “Ramona:Ramona” (FIPA Top Prize Winner and Camerimage Nominee ) as well shot over 300 commercials for the principal world brands .

As a Director he made two Award-Winner short films that were in the Official Competition of Clermontt-Ferrand film festival .

His work experience includes territories in USA, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

He is currently living in Los Angeles California and Santiago de Chile.

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