Craig R. Baxley

Craig Baxley is a third-generation filmmaker. After starting his career in front of the camera, working his way up as a successful stunt coordinator and second unit director on films like Predator (1987), Reds (1981), The Long Riders (1980) and The Warriors (1979) (with such talented directors as Don Siegel, Alan J. Pakula, Warren Beatty, Norman Jewison, Walter Hill and Steven Spielberg), he transitioned making his directorial debut on the acclaimed hit series The A-Team (1983). His first feature film as a director was Action Jackson (1988) for Joel Silver and was the beginning of a very diverse career working in many genres. He later went on to direct I Come in Peace (1990) (a.k.a. “I Come In Peace”) starring Dolph Lundgren, Stone Cold and a number of mini-series, including Stephen King’s Storm of the Century (1999), Rose Red (2002), The Triangle (2005), The Lost Room (2006) and King’s television series Kingdom Hospital (2004), on which he directed every episode of the series.

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