Chuck Cirino

Chuck grew up in South Florida making short 8mm films as a teen. His voracious quest to shoot, edit and show others his work landed him his first job as a station manager creating local public access TV content in Pennsylvania. Soon the adventure and mystique of Hollywood called him West where he began editing and directing high-end network television commercials at Videography Studios in Los Angeles.

Chuck’s experimental nature perfectly prepared him for the fact that video, not film was to be the future of movie-making. His early involvement in video gave him a unique approach to film. So…Chuck’s technical and creative skills combined made the visual effects for Shelly Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theater a visual success even though it was shot on video, not film. It was the first dramatic production of its kind.

Chuck went on to direct and edit thousands of television commercials including the hilarious and whacked-out Federated Group TV spots starring Shadoe Stevens as Fred Rated. Concurrently he began musically scoring films, his first was Chopping Mall. At the time Chuck split his career into halves as he was directing network Saturday Morning children’s programming, like The Mr. Potato Head Show and The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, while musically scoring dozens of feature films in the background.

Chuck created and executive produced Weird TV, a nationally syndicated TV series that laid new ground by pioneering reality television. His edgy and underground TV show broke all the rules of TV style, editing, content and shocking imagery when the ‘new’ technology of small video handicams came into play.

Weird TV went on to become MSN’s first and only online TV series. Before YouTube and streaming, video Chuck’s originally produced comedy and reality shorts were seen worldwide on the web. This lead Chuck to helping HBO launch their online comedy presence, Runaway Box and’s Break Originals, where Chuck produced, edited, directed and musically enhanced much of that content.

In a surprising side-car career swerve Chuck worked for ITV’s America Now starring Leeza Gibbons as the show’s Web Content Producer. In its three-year run, he produced behind-the-scenes videos with Leeza and topical news segments for the show as well.

After 40 years in the entertainment industry, Chuck continues to work, expanding his horizons producing and shooting feature films while also creating the visual effects for these movies. And to date, he has musically scored over 70 feature films as well.

Chuck resides in Los Angeles, California.

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