Verona Verbakel

Verona Verbakel (1992) was born Verona Aurora Verbakel. She is a Belgian actress working on international sets. Graced with impeccable accent of both British and American descend, she works on movie sets and theaters all over the world, such as: New York, L.A., Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, etc. For her performances in Italy and Germany, she mastered the Italian and German lines alongside a language coach. For her theatre performance in ‘Sirens’, she won the ‘Stage award for acting excellence’ together with her colleagues on the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the biggest art festival in the world.

After graduating high school with a “Latin-languages” diploma in 2010, she went on to study drama at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp “Herman Teirlinck/Dora van der Groen”-institute, graduating magna cum laude in 2014.

In Terence Davies’ movie ‘A Quiet Passion’, Verona played the part of Margaret Kelley, alongside Cynthia Nixon and Jennifer Ehle. This movie won the “Grand Prix” on Film Fest Ghent 2016. For this particular part she learned to speak Irish. You can also see her in ‘The Exception’ and ‘Rattrapage.’

Regarding Belgian series and movies, you can see her in “Out of the blue, into the black”, “De Bende van Jan de Lichte”, “De Zonen van Van As”, “Zie Mij Graag”, “Cordon”, “Witse”, etc.

Upcoming projects consist of “The kidnapping of Phil Frisco” where she will play the part of “Chanelle” and the thriller “Koud Licht”, alongside Clara Cleymans and Joren Seldeslachts.

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