Vanessa Sheri

Vanessa Sheri was born in Santa Clara, California.

She had dreams of being a Doctor or an Actress. Her Mother always had her in Acting Classes since she was a little girl because of her big personality and her funny skits

She became a Mother at the age of 16, to a son named Austin. She graduated High School in Waterford, CA from Connecting Waters Charter School, in June 2004. She graduated with a Medical Assistant Degree from Meric College in Salida, CA in May 2007.

She was in the Medical field for the 5 years. In 2010 she decided to change careers to pursue her long time dream to become an Actress. So she picked up everything she had, left and moved to the great City of Los Angeles.

Vanessa Sheri became a SAG-AFTRA Member in 2013.

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