Vanessa Born

Vanessa Born grew up in Granite Bay, California. Born July 21st, 1992 (the year of the monkey). She was raised by Bill Von-Bjorn a UK/Dutch computer programmer in the Silicon Valley and Marielle Von-Bjorn a Native American care-giver for the elderly. (Although her biological father, identity is NON-Disclosed, he’s rumored to have been a Diplomat of Italian descent from San Francisco.) Born proudly proclaims she was, “raised by a television.”

Which is where Born started her career at age 12, appearing on a myriad of shows such as: “All of Us,” “Eve,” “One on One,” “CSI NY,”and “Hannah Montana.” Which led to recurring work on Nick Cannon’s MTV Show, “Short Circutz.” NBC and Aaron Sorkin took notice and cast her opposite Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford as Laci on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Born attributes Sorkin for, “growing her up” and “knowing why each punctuation means everything.” Which was a great thing as Born then went to HBO next, working with George Clooney and Grant Heslov in an “Unscripted;” pilot about the NBA. This was deja vu, as Born was an NBA cheerleader for a time with the Sacramento Kings PRO NBA Dance team. Cheer & Dance have aided Born a lot in her career, especially while staring alongside Christina Milian in “Bring It On Fight To The Finish,” playing Gloria. It was on this film Born realized her passion for film, she quotes, “it just feels different having to live with a character for 3-6 months, rather than popping in on a TV show for a week.” Born began working in Indy films as a result. Born’s tireless efforts for bringing awareness to LGBTQIA films grew, being nominated 3 years at OUTFEST Film Festival, here in Los Angeles. Yet it was METHODFEST that gave Born her first award for Best Actress. Missing the laughter of television, and being reached out to by writer Alyson Fouse, on Twitter. Born got brought back to television by HARPO in the TV Show, “Herlarious,” staring Wanda Sikes. That led up to the deal made by SHOWTIME (a sponsor of OUTFEST), Where Born played opposite Jon Voight in the series season 2 premiere of “Ray Donovan,” playing Jazmin. So what’s next???

Born is headed to the BAFTA Nomination here in Los Angeles for for the film “South Arcadia St.” Directed by Melanie D’Andrea and is proud the film world is embracing her once again!

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