Toni Duclottni

Toni Duclottni is a native of Dallas, TX and as of 2018 resides between Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. She is an actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist in addition to being a mother. Her acting career began in 2012 after she moved to Los Angeles, CA to study Meisner with renowned Meisner instructor Don Bloomfield. Since then she’s been apart of over 100 projects from commercials and music videos to TV and film.

In 2017, Toni moved her House of Haute, Inc company headquarters to Las Vegas, NV where she also founded Dorcas House, a 501c3 formed to support and provide resources to the overwhelming homeless community of Las Vegas. Dorcas House regularly feeds over 150 people premium lunches consisting of HoneyBaked Ham sandwiches and hygiene kits that include everything from toiletries to socks and feminine care products.

When asked about the future of her acting career, Toni stated, “Acting will always be a first love and something that I will forever remain passionate about. I am fortunate to have been able to work with amazing directors such as Angela Bassett, Craig Brewer, and F. Gary Gray. They have each inspired me to want more for myself and to work harder at my craft. I look forward to being apart of so many more great projects. This is just the prequel to my life. We all have to start somewhere. I started my acting career much later than most. So to stop or give up now would be a disappointment to not only myself, but to everyone that poured so much into me such as my former acting coach, Don Bloomfield. So what’s ahead for me? Work. Lots of work.”

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