Tiffany Hofstetter

Tiffany Hofstetter is a Paris-based American Actress and voice-over artist. Tiffany started her training in theater at the age of nine with Danielle Benamou’s Dire et Redire school in Paris. At the age of thirteen, she was cast in her first feature, Lola Films UK’s ‘Off Key’, starring along side Danny Aiello, Joe Mantegna, and George Hamilton. Since then she has worked with actors such as Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Pat Morita, building a repertoire of films such as Sony Pictures’ Soul Surfer, Alice, Deadly Honeymoon, Aloha Mr. Mori, Je T’Aime, Romans Road and more. On stage, she has starred in plays such as Barefoot In The Park, Romeo And Juliette, Othello, A Fool For Love, Oleanna, The Glass Menagerie, Split and A Streetcar Named Desire. Tiffany has trained with theater and film schools in Paris, Hawaii and Los Angeles including the world-renowned Joanne Baron and D.W Brown Studio and graduated with magna cum laude from California State University. Tiffany is co-director of theater company The Big Funk Company in Paris, with a multicultural approach to theater. Tiffany now works in theater and film in French and English.

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