Thea Camara

Thea Camara discovered her passion for acting at an early age. However, she began to pursue her long time dream with vigor in 2008. Since that time, Thea has had the opportunity to perform in stage plays, commercials and on the big screen. Thea Camara has trained under the watchful eye of Tasha Smith from “Why did I get married I & II and attended TSAW in Atlanta several times. She has also attended Act One studios, Columbia College and Concordia University where she earn her degree. Thea has worked on various films including, Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours, Kimberly Conner’s Before I do, Michael Lanus’s The Hood, Kimberly Conner’s Jump In, Lawrence Chamber’s Letters, Kenya Renee’s Deacons Choice, William Cochran’s Englewood the Growing Pains in Chicago. Thea has also made several television appearances including Chicago Fire, Boss, and The Steve Harvey Show. She also landed an Illinois Lottery commercial. Thea developed a love for teaching while working in corporate America and studying her mentor Tasha Smith. She has taken what’s she’s learned and developed her own unique style. In addition, she helps prepare other young artists for auditions in theatre and film using the 12-Step Acting technique by Ivana Chubbuck. Because of the intense sales training via corporate American coupled with wonderful skilled acting coaches.

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