Tanis Chandler

Tanis Chandler was born in Nantes, France on August 20, 1924. Her real name (and birth-name) is Tanis Anne Goldthwaite and she is the daughter of composer/soloist Chandler Goldthwaite. Her early education was at the Chateau de Bure school in Paris, Saint Joseph’s in Arizona and The Westlake School for Girls in Los Angeles. She was only eleven years old when she began to model children’s clothes for magazine ads and catalogs in New York City, and thereafter, for the greater part of nine years she modeled styles of gradually advancing years, with most of the period devoted to junior miss styles. She also worked on radio from 1937 until she made her uncredited film debut in 1943 in Warner’s “Cinderella Jones”,a film that was not released until 1946. Soon afterward she was engaged to dub one of the voices in the French language for an American film and did so in over 40 films.

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