Tamara Smart

Tamara Valerie Smart was born in North London to English parents, Fiona and Cornelius Smart. She attended a local dance school from the age of 3, DanceCrazy Studios and then joined the local Barnet branch of Razzamatazz at the age of 7. She performed in many Dance competitions including All England.

In January 2015 she was cast as Enid Nightshade in a BBC remake of the Worst Witch, written by bestselling Author Jill Murphy.

She also completed numerous modeling shoots for Marks and Spencers and New Look.

In December 2017 she was cast as Hailey Hicks in the prime BBC series Hard Sun along side Jim Sturgess and Agnes’s Deyn.

In January 2018 following numerous auditions she was cast as Juliet Butler in Disney’s Artemis Fowl working alongside Dame Judy Dench and Josh Gad directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh. This feature film will be released in May 2020.

In June 2019 Tamara was cast as Louise in the Nickelodeon ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ Revival a brand-new limited series premiering in October 2019.

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