Talia Cuomo

Talia Cuomo is a child actress best known for her role as Keri, daughter of Tammy (played by academy award winning actress Sarah Paulson) in the blockbuster feature film Ocean’s 8 (2018). Selected by legendary film director and writer Gary Ross, Talia also worked closely with Sandra Bullock in this Warner Brothers production.

Talia Cuomo was born on July 21, 2010, in a suburb right outside New York City. At the age of three, Talia developed extraordinary verbal skills, could articulate words, and read and write well beyond her years. Curious in nature, she always sought conversation with adults, of whom many described her as an “old soul.” She exhibited strong interest in a wide range of entertainers. Among her favorites are Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, Dove Cameron, and Bob Ross (painting instructor from the 1970s). Shortly after taking acting lessons at the age of four, Talia was referred to an agent. Within two years, she booked seven commercials (including Nickelodeon and Virgin Group), earned a theater credit in an AEA off-Broadway production in an award-winning NYC playhouse, acted in a short film and a feature film, and earned SAG-AFTRA membership. She also modeled for numerous high-profile brands, including H&M, Janie and Jack (hand-picked by Instagram Fashion Editor, Eva Chen), and JET.com (Walmart’s internet-based marketing co.), and for a print ad for Hudson Yards New York.

Outgoing and spirited, Talia has a natural desire to entertain. Keenly observant of her surroundings, Talia is interested in many subjects and is an avid reader. Talia has a compassionate but playful disposition. Having an unforgettable presence and fun personality, she continuously makes new friends of all ages. In her spare time, Talia enjoys painting, writing, playing chess, singing, dancing, playing piano, and telling jokes.

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