Susan Elizabeth Shaw

Susan Elizabeth Shaw is an American actress living in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her ability to create complex characters, with heart and soul. She began acting onstage at thirteen and originated the role of PJ, an artistic street kid, in “Gabriel’s Song.” She moved to Los Angeles as a teenager, young for her grade and finishing early with school, to attend USC Theater School. Shortly after arriving, she was cast in her first feature, “Chasing Tchaikovsky,” where she plays Victoria, Ann Magnuson’s quirky teenage daughter. She was soon cast in her second feature as Thea, in “The Awakening of Spring.” She has since worked on a slew of independent productions and has grown from every opportunity given to act on set, unleashing her talent. Growing up an Army brat, Shaw moved often, and lived all over the world. She credits the experience to helping her understand people from all walks of life, and to see the interconnectedness of all of humanity, even though we may feel so far apart at times. The cause closest to her heart is helping and protecting animals, and her personal mission is to one day be able to save them all.

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