Susan Carol Oliver

Canadian born, award- winning actress Susan Carol Oliver, also known as ‘Susie’… hosted one of Canada’s biggest LIVE Comedy venues “Yuk Yuks” before arriving to LA in 2004. Under management of Ed Smeal, Susan worked with live audiences and great Canadian comics like Wayne Flemming, Jim McAleese and Glen Foster. Alongside hosting, Susan performed stand-up in such places as the infamous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood.

It was Toronto, that Susan studied with the renowned Second City Troupe on Lombard St. and in her graduate year from Fulcher Toronto School of Dramatic Arts was honored “Best Actress of the Year”. Susan continued to win a remarkable 3 out of 6 awards for acting in New York, NY at the international model and talent awards.

Raised in the quaint Victorian-style town of Cobourg Ontario, with two older brothers Susan grew up in the country with the privilege of a stay-at-home Mom, Carol Ann Oliver; a lover of nature and art who became a notable artist in Northumberland and North Fort Myers, Fla. Communities. Susie’s Dad, Robert Samuel Oliver (Sam) a comedic and charismatic policeman in the community turned entrepreneur and award winning Realtor.

Oliver switched from theater to film in 2005 and 2006 starring as lead lady in the feature film “Virginia”. In 2007, Ms. Oliver became an American Citizen. After a two year intensive with D.W. Brown and Joanne Baron at the prestigious Baron Brown Studios in Santa Monica, Ca she was honored in 2008 as an alumni master Meisner graduate. A form also studied amongst the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Susan Sarandon, Tom Hanks. During this time Ms. Oliver’s interest in psychology, behavioral science, and the integrity of motivation tenet led her to also achieve accreditation by HMI College as an American Certified Hypnotist.

Susan’s career took off publicly when the press started to take appeal to her. As an entertainment celebrity talk show host Ms. Oliver has interviewed fellow actors as Anne Heche, Sammi Rotibi (Django Unchained), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, Scream Queens), Dreama Walker (The Good Wife) and Dennis Haysbert (Heat) and many more for the film company, Real TV Films. The actress also hosted film industry venues such as an hour-and-a-half Live-Stream show for AFM, The American Film Market among others. In the 2012 award winning romantic comedy pilot series “Get a Job”, episode five, Susan played the comedic role of ‘Vanessa’, a mischievous, but good- hearted, overly-tanned and heavy drinking best friend of the lead character played by Danielle Artigo.

The actress stepped away in 2013 to take a two month spiritual sabbatical. As fate had it, two months was destined to be a two and a half year sabbatical journey. Upon Susan’s return to her career in early 2015, Oliver’s public speaking history brought her into the world of broadcasting as she DJ’d the 9:30a.m. Friday morning show on KCLA FM, an affiliate with XM satellite radio with engineer Lolly Waterman, An opportunity in Brazil arose and Susan left the show for a couple of months to pursue spiritual work in Abadiania, . Although the station voiced they’d welcome Susan back it was her thespian roots and a Peace org. she focused on, booking 40 feature film/television shows at major studios like Fox, WB, Universal, ABC and Raleigh in a short five months when she returned back to the United States in 2015. Due to Susan’s lengthy leave of absence she accepted unaccredited roles but gained experience working with such talent as Annette Benning, Helen Hunt, Kerry Washington, Colin Hanks and comedians like Adam Conover and Earnest Adams (Baskets). Susan has performed with notable directors such as Ken Whittingham (Grandfathered, The Office), Andy Ackerman (Seinfeld), Ryan Murphy (Glee, Eat Pray Love), Ben Affleck , and Debbie Allen to name a few.

A former graduate of UCLA for screenwriting, Ms. Oliver has a library of projects evolving pre-production. As a screenwriter, she’s been fortunate to contract and work with heroic people. For example, Dr. Shirley McGreal of whom Susan’s co-written a feature film drama. Shirley was honored the O.B.E., Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008 for her selfless service saving the lives of innocent primates against the dangers of illegal poachers and labs. It is common that the repertoire of Oliver’s story-lines involve a suggestive movement inspiring peace.

Susan C. Oliver is an honorary member of Toastmasters; an elite 111 year old non-profit organization for public speakers that focuses on leadership, integrity and service. A passion project for the filmmaker is a Peace Energy Foundation she’s begun called “Fearless Freedom” that she aspires to parent and assist through its evolution.

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