Stephanie Brait

Stephanie Brait was born in Boston, MA (a happy accident to two young-and-in-love teen parents). She began her on-camera career directly out of conservatory with a run on Doug Liman’s I Just Want My Pants Back, quickly followed by Greg Berlanti’s Golden Boy and (a NY actor’s rite of passage) Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Stephanie started training as a toddler when an instructor who found her entertaining but a little too rambunctious for ballet gently suggested her mother enroll her in drama classes. And so it began.

After a beautifully academic track in the New England prep school world, Stephanie opted to attend Walnut Hill School for the Arts to more fully devote herself to / equip herself for a creative life. She was then awarded a full scholarship to CCM (The College Conservatory of Music) to earn her BFA with some abroad studies at Trinity College Dublin’s Beckett Center through NYU’s Tisch. While the focus has been on screen work as of late, her background includes a wealth of stage work, musical theater, singing and dance (yes, despite those early struggles with ballet). Stephanie lives and is represented bicoastally – splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles with pieces of her heart scattered in New Orleans.

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