Sophie Lorain

Sophie Lorain is a big name in Quebec in the movie business and on the television screen. Strong and fragile, sexy and mischievous, intelligent and accessible, she brings to her interpretations a range of subtly nuanced emotions and expressions. Sophie studied at the prestigious Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in England, moving on to the Theatre Francais de Toronto. Since then she starred in some of Quebec television’s most memorable series, playing in Scoop (1992), Omerta, la loi du silence (1996) – for which she won Meatrostar’s prize for best actress and a Gemini for best support – and, finally, Fortier (2001), portraying a troubled criminal psychologist with a dark past. Perfectly bilingual, she acted in the 1998 thriller In Her Defense (1999) by old-school Hollywood director Sidney J. Furie, then two years later as an English madame – complete with perfectly accented London English – in the Sherlock Holmes period piece, The Sign of Four (2001) by Rodney Gibbons. In 2001, Sophie was offered her first starring role in a feature film when she played in Denise Filiatrault’s Alice’s L’odyssée d’Alice Tremblay (2002), a sweet and touching comedy that plunged the viewer into the enchanted world of fairytales and fairies. Sophie shows another side of her talents in her next film Mambo Italiano (2003); she plays Italian seductress setting her sights on a cop with a few ghosts in his closet.

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