Saye Yabandeh

SAYE YABANDEH is an Iranian-born Hollywood actress focused on using her platform to bring awareness to global issues and to give back to refugees and underserved children and families around the world. An award-winning international film actress and producer, Saye has been in over 34 films and several television programs since the launch of her career. The Iranian born humanitarian uses her childhood experiences during the Iran/Iraq War and Kuwaiti Invasion as the driving force behind her prolific film career and her global humanitarian efforts. Saye studied producing and directing at UCLA and drama at The Sanford Meisner Center. Her acting style and role choices are a direct reflection of who Saye is as a person. She has performed many different action roles and credits athleticism as the key to her career success. In addition to her career as an actress, Saye wanted to have a larger impact on the entertainment industry and began exploring film production. She is the CEO of Leo Entertainment, an independent film group with offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Her most important achievements have come through her advocacy and humanitarian work. Saye focuses on giving back to refugees and underserved children around the world through her non-profit, Saye is the Global Ambassador to the Global Citizen Foundation, an organization focused on supporting children and youth in need through education initiatives, community-centered building projects, and sustainable development programs.

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