Rossy Mendoza

Rossy Mendoza and dubbed Mexico’s Smalles Waist and The Body, is a Mexican showgirl and actress. Along with Lyn May, Princess Lea and Angelica Chain, she was one of the best-known burlesque performers of the 1970s, and became widely known for her appearances in Mexican sexplotation films.

Her physique influenced transcendentally the standards of female beauty in the Mexican media. She is known for appearing in some of the most controversial nude scenes of Mexican film history, in which she participated with some of the most biggest names in the industry, such as El Santo, Jorge Rivero, David Reynoso, Andres Garcia and Jaime Moreno to name a few.

In her cinematographic trajectory, the roles of bimbos, exotic dancers, showgirls, strippers and damsel in distress are the most common.

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