Rose Liston

British/American actor, born in Ipswich, UK. Daughter to British mother Glynis and American US Air Force Veteran father Michael Liston. Rose Liston has lived in the USA, UK and mainland Europe, and has now settled in Los Angeles. After growing up moving with the military Rose had plenty of life experience at a young age, and decided for a fact she wanted to pursue her professional acting career at age 9. She started her acting journey in local theatre in the UK, then moving onto music videos, short films and TV. Rose auditioned for her first TV role in 2009, landing the pilot and then the season playing the series regular role of Chloe, the Canadian waitress, in the hit children series Sadie J (CBBC).

While growing up Rose got to travel all around Europe for her fathers work and while playing football(soccer). She fell in love with Venice, Italy and vows to have a home there one day! Growing up experiencing different cultures and communities has shaped Rose. She feels her experiences while travelling and moving have helped her in her work to becoming characters that are unlike herself.

Now, being in sunny Los Angeles has brought its own new experiences and hurdles. Gratefully Rose has a supportive network of friends and family. While filming SyFy’s The Magicians for 6 episodes, Rose learnt more about the amazing industry she works in, magnifying that she did indeed make the correct choice at the ripe age of 9 to pursue her acting career. Rose is excited to grown as a person and an actor in this bustling, wild city.

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