Romina Di Lella

The Italian actress Romina Di Lella,was born and raised in Berlin but her roots have always drawn her back to Italy, Milan – the city of fashion and artists of promotional film.

She currently resides in Berlin and Milan.

The outstanding artist Romina Di Lella already had charisma since earliest childhood when cameras first recognized her potential.

Modelling was definitely not the only challenge she was looking for. Being a very versatile lady she explored many different facets of the artistic spectrum, from modeling to singing, dancing and acting in theaters and movies.

A School for Art was needed to support and develop all of her talents. Romina worked hard with enormous self-discipline to acquire her stage accreditation. Guided by brilliant and internationally well-known coaches for acting, singing and dancing.

She successfully graduated at the state approved International School for Musical and Drama in Berlin.

Romina Di Lella shows in her productions that she is a woman with many faces. Delicate with a touch of mystery as a moderator, the powerful warrior in film, the beauty with speak of passion when dancing, the distinctive voice in musicals and the cold factual business woman with a dash of sex appeal in the TV series, not to forget the cheerful and playful little girl on stage.

She desires to learn from the masters of the arts to further develop her own unique style.

Her goal is to achieve perfection in all of the three disciplines – singing, acting and dancing. She has performed in theatre, musical, movies and TV series.

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