Rochelle Aycoth

Rochelle Aycoth is an American Actress who got her start in the film industry in 2004 working on Talladega Nights. She took a hiatus from acting to work on her nursing career but soon found a transfer with her medical career to a new city would renew her dreams to pursue acting.

In 2012, she made an appearance as a nurse in the faith based film Adrenaline, so inspired by the production she would continue on with several hit TV Series and films. In 2013, Rochelle again found herself back in her scrubs as a nurse in the town of Chester’s Mill in the number one hit series of the summer Under The Dome on CBS. She would end up with five episodes under her belt for Season 1 of Under The Dome and 2 episodes for Season 2, Variety’s 2014 Breakthrough TV series winner. Rochelle didn’t stop there to complete the year she landed roles on Fox’s smash Sleepy Hollow, HBO’s Eastbound & Down and movies such as Tammy (starring Melissa McCarthy), The Longest Ride, and The Remaining. She landed a supporting role on Holey Matrimony, a 1940’s comedy feature film, where she played Annie Matlock. Rochelle has also had starring roles in the TV pilot Losing My Soul and the short film The Lonely One.

Rochelle also finds her passions in writing, photography, modeling, and special effects makeup so the sky is the limit.

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