Rebecka Liljeberg

Rebecka Liljeberg was born in Nykvarn, Sweden May 13 to an 18 year old mother Kristina, and a 24 year old father, Jyrki. She is half Finnish and half Swedish. They moved around a lot, and Rebecka left home at the age of 15 to work in Stockholm. She has two sisters, Claudia born 1988, and Åse born 1993, and one brother, Samuel, born 1992. She went to several schools in both Stockholm and Nynäshamn, where the family lived for several years. In Nynäshamn she worked with the amateur theatre group ‘Nynäshamns Ungdoms Teater’ between 1993-1997 She had her debut at age 9 in the TV series Sunes jul (1991), but her breakthrough came several years later with a film directed by Lukas Moodysson. After that she has starred in several movies and TV series, mostly in Sweden, but is planning to study medicine at Stockholm University. She now lives in Stockholm with her boyfriend and their son Harry Teodor, born June 2002.

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