Rebecca Balding

Cute, perky, and engaging brunette actress Rebecca Balding was born on September 21, 1955, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The sweet, comely, and spirited Balding first began acting on television in the mid 1970s. She played an eager-beaver cub reporter on three episodes of Lou Grant (1977). Rebecca achieved her greatest and most enduring popularity as Carol David, the young lady who becomes a surrogate mother for gay Billy Crystal’s child on the uproarious TV comedy program Soap (1977). She also portrayed David Naughton’s receptionist girlfriend in the sitcom Makin’ It (1979). Balding tackled two substantial starring roles in a couple of hugely enjoyable early 1980s horror pictures: She’s the endearingly spunky college student heroine of the superior slasher winner The Silent Scream (1979) and an equally likable damsel in distress in the immensely entertaining creature feature The Boogens (1981). Alas, Balding’s fright film scream queen phase proved to be sadly fleeting. However, Rebecca has racked up an impressively large volume of guest spot credits on numerous TV shows: Among the television programs she’s appeared in are ER (1994), Melrose Place (1992), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), Home Improvement (1991), MacGyver (1985), Our House (1986), Family Ties (1982), Trapper John, M.D. (1979), Hotel (1983), Matt Houston (1982), Gimme a Break! (1981), The Insiders (1985), Cagney & Lacey (1981), This Is the Life (1952), I’m a Big Girl Now (1980), Supertrain (1979), Barnaby Jones (1973), The Bionic Woman (1976), and Starsky and Hutch (1975). Moreover, Rebecca gave a beautifully touching performance as Edward Asner’s estranged dejected daughter in the poignant made-for-TV drama gem The Gathering (1977) and its lesser, more mawkish sequel The Gathering, Part II (1979). More recently Balding has popped up in a steady recurring part as Phoebe’s (Alyssa Milano’s) boss Elise Rothman on the hit TV series Charmed (1998). She’s married to TV producer James L. Conway.

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