Ragan Wallake

Born in Toledo OH and raised in Minnesota, Ragan (Wallake) Brooks discovered her love for performing and the spotlight at the young age of five, when she began modeling in department store fashion shows. She continued modeling, and dancing ballet through high school, until she discovered her love for working in film and television. After booking a part on “Joe Somebody,” with Tim Allen, her first movie gig in Minnesota, Ragan was hooked. Ragan graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in business and a minor in advertising and marketing, and at the prodding of a talent manager, “took a year off” to try her hand at acting in Hollywood. She booked her very first audition – a guest star role on “Malibu CA,” which only solidified Ragan’s resolve, and launched her into a full time career as an actress. Enlisting the aid of professionals like Bob Corff, Patsy Rodenberg and Howard Fine, and training with The Groundlings, Ragan began to hone her acting and performance skills. She now studies with a private coach, Lisa Robertson. Since her move out west in 2001, Ragan has worked on diverse projects ranging from episodic television and soap operas, to feature films. Her credits include well known television shows and films like “Hollywood Homicide” (working alongside Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford), “Charmed,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Summerland,” “Las Vegas,” “Kitchen Confidential,” “Eastwick,” and “Desperate Housewives.” She recently worked on the full-length feature “Minkow,” due out in the spring of 2010, and starring Mark Hamil and James Caan. Ragan thoroughly enjoys working on set and in high profile film/television projects, citing the teamwork involved in producing them as “infectious.” Aside from that, Ragan is truly motivated by the heart and soul that goes into independent films, and no matter how busy her schedule, she tries to reserve time to work on independent projects that come her way. Despite all that Tinsel Town has to offer, Ragan works very hard to maintain balance and keep things real. She maintains a very special place in her heart for her four-legged and furry friends, and has been an active volunteer with the Animal Advocates Alliance and The Lange Foundation, as well as the Home For Life organization in Minnesota. In her spare time, Ragan attends spin classes (albeit reluctantly), hikes the hills of Hollywood and Malibu and practices yoga. When she isn’t rejuvenating and regenerating her body, Ragan is dressing it. She is fascinated by fashion, clothing, shoes, jewelry and all that makes up the perfect ensemble. An only child, Ragan is extremely close to her parents, and holds family in very high regard.

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