Patricia Ayame Thomson

Patricia Ayame Thomson is an UCLA Graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Arts. Patricia has guest-starred in over 50 Network Television Shows including “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” “Wings,” “Wayans Bros.,” “Saved by the Bell” (The New Generation,) “Designing Women,” “Days of Our Lives,” “(The New) WKRP in Cincinnati,” “Life Goes On,” “Raven,” “Pointman,” “Thunder Alley,” “Street Justice,” and many others.

Patricia was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and she speaks both Japanese and English fluently. As a teenager, she was a Top Model in Tokyo for over five years starting at the age of thirteen. In Japan, one of her most prestigious job was as a campaign model for Shiseido Cosmetics Company. Patricia attended an American DOD School located at Yokota Air Force Base.

After graduating from high school, Patricia moved to the United States to study Theatre Arts at UCLA. Patricia became an original member of The Actors Gang, created and led by colleague, Tim Robbins during their undergraduate years at UCLA. Patricia’s most riveting and indelible memory Working with The Actors Gang was when she performed in front of Sir Lawrence Olivier sitting in the front row of a run-down Equity Waiver house in Hollywood.

Patricia’s first major acting role on Television after graduating from UCLA obtained her membership in the Screen Actors Guild. It was a guest-starring role on “T.J. Hooker” in an episode called “Chinatown,” and she played the role of Nancy Kwan as William Shatner’s daughter.

A short time later, Patricia landed an on-going gig as a Game Show Model on a morning game show on NBC called, “The Time Machine.” The game show was hosted by John Davidson and Charlie Tuna was the announcer.

Next, she landed a regular role on the CBS Television Series “Crazy Like a Fox,” starring Jack Warden and John Rubenstein. The show was set in San Francisco, and Patricia played the role of John Rubenstein’s secretary named Allison Lee.

Patricia has appeared in the Feature Film, “Rising Sun” as an Accident News Reporter, directed by Philip Kaufman, starring Wesley Snipes and Harvey Keitel. She also in a comedy, action-adventure Pilot created for FOX-TV called “Chameleon” with Ed Begley Jr.

Over the years, Patricia performed with the East West Players in many productions including “The Maids,” “Hedda Gabler,” and “Doughball.” The play, “The Maids” won a Dramalogue Award for Best Ensemble. In addition, Patricia has had the good fortune and opportunity to travel the world on modeling jobs for top cruise lines. On a job for Crystal Cruises, she traveled the romantic ports of Italy, Greece, and South of France. On the other side of the world, Patricia also went on another cruise to Vietnam for Seabourn Cruises. She enjoys traveling to far-away places, and considers it one of the perks of being an actress.

Recently, Patricia received a Transitional Scholarship from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation to further her education in Library and Information Science. After, she earns her Masters degree, Patricia will continue her acting career, and in addition, she hopes to help the community by becoming a librarian.

Previously, Patricia’s TV Treatment was selected for honorable mention among the top 200 out of a total of 3,000 submissions to the HBO New Writers Contest.

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