Nina Cucinella

10 years old and working on her bucket list. So far ballet solo for dance competition, she made her own decision to become Catholic. She was crowned along with her friends (they were all winners) as Little Miss St.Clair Shores 2015. She learned to ice skate, Roller Skate, Can Hip Hop and go to the skateboard park in her Heelys, She modeled in a fashion show, Danced in the Moscow Ballet, had a speaking role in a movie. She created her own Alter Ego Cheryl the Dance Mom. She doesn’t fit in the box she Tap dances on it. She can walk across the room on her hands over six girls without missing a beat. Her top goals in her bucket list is to play the Triangle, go to college, Direct a movie, become a dance teacher, to be Miss America, and to do Ballet on the moon because “Gravity is a ballerinas worst Enemy”. She is Maria Van Trapp, Punky Brewster, Laura Ingalls, Pippy Longstocking and Tinker Bell all rolled into one with a pair of Heelys and a tutu on.

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