Nicoletta Elmi

Nicoletta Elmi was a strikingly pretty, charming and gifted redhead child actress who graced a handful of Italian horror pictures in the early to mid 70’s with her exceptionally ethereal and mesmerizing presence. Born on February 13, 1964 in Rome, Italy, Elmi began modeling and acting in TV commercials at age four. She made her film debut in “The Sisters.” Her favorite aunt was popular TV presenter Maria Giovanna Elmi. Elmi’s initial cinematic ventures were comedies; she made her first horror movie at age six. Elmi gave an excellent and enchanting performance as George Lazenby’s sweet daughter who gets brutally murdered in the strong and gripping giallo “Who Saw Her Die?”. Elmi was often cast as evil and obnoxious little brats in such Italian fright features as Mario Bava’s highly influential proto-slasher body count landmark “Bay of Blood,” “Flesh for Frankenstein,” “The Cursed Medallion,” and Dario Argento’s masterful “Deep Red.” A cute kid, Elmi grew up to become a stunningly beautiful young woman. Elmi was especially lovely and memorable as the movie theater usherette in Lamberto Bava’s outrageously gory “Demons.” In addition to her film credits, Elmi also did a bunch of TV commercials and popped up in several television shows. Alas, Nicoletta Elmi quit acting in the late 80’s to become a doctor.

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