Nicola Fiore

Nicola Fiore is a multi-layered woman who commands your attention without fail. Having grown up on a tour bus with musician parents, Nicola soon realized that performing was in her blood. She began modeling at the age 13 and joined a band at age 15 as a bass guitarist. Nicola’s love of being in front of the movie camera soon took hold while attending film school. After participating in a few local productions it became evident that the cinema was her true calling. She has been sharpening her craft ever since, taking on wildly divergent roles in projects spanning nearly every genre. She appeared in Italian sensation Zedstar’s music video “Flyin’ Away” which won Best Love Song at the 2008 MTV European Music Awards and has been awarded for her dramatic turns in both “Game Over” and “Slaughter Daughter”. Having been declared a “Scream Queen” in the horror industry, Nicola has been interviewed for Maxim Radio at Sirius Studios NYC and has been featured in numerous publications including Fangoria, Horrorhound, GoreZone, Sirens of Cinema, and Rue Morgue. Nicola resides in NYC with her loving wife where she continues to utilize ongoing training with the city’s top schools to seek out unique, standout film projects.

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