Nawal Bengholam

Made in Morocco, and shaped by unquenchable wanderlust, Nawal is a multi-hyphenate actress/producer/acting studio director/teacher/coach, etc. by day (and night, really) and a multi-charity group member/philanthropist/traveler at heart. She credits her formidable mother with her nurtured altruistic penchant, and her extraordinarily inspiring and diverse tribes with the unceasing opportunities to lock arms and make a positive impact.

Nawal left Casablanca after high school to spend a year in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona, then moved to San Diego to do her pre-medical studies at the University of California San Diego, where she double-majored in Animal Physiology/Neuroscience and French Literature. There, she got very involved with several non-profit medical organizations such as Medicine for Humanity and The Flying Samaritans and worked on the field as well as behind the scenes in fundraising. Because she is fluent in 5 languages, she also pursued a career in multimedia adapting software to foreign markets, and worked full time while in school.

During her last year at UCSD, she took a couple of acting classes as electives and caught the bug instantly. Even though socially conscious, she decided not to pursue a career in medicine but rather acting which has proved to be a stronger passion.

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