Natalia Streignard

Natalia Martinez Streignard was born in Madrid, Spain. Her father was German and her mother Argentinian. When she was three-years-old, she went to live in Venezuela and, today, she considers Venezuela as her home country. She was not good at school (her words). Natalia began her career in the Miss Venezuela contest. She got her first main role in TV, in the year 1996, for Sol de tentacion (1996), where she played “Sol Romero”. In 1998, she was the leading actress (for the second time) in the TV production of La mujer de mi vida (1998). The shots of that novela were taken in the most beautiful places of Miami. While shooting the novela, Natalia and the main male actor – the Cuban, Mario Cimarro – had a romantic story, which gave the start of their relationship. The most exciting moment for both of them was on 10th of June in 1999, this was their wedding day. And now…unfortunately, they are divorcing.

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