Monie Cashette

Monie Cashette (pronounced Mon-ie Cash-ette) is an American actress, and TV personality. Since 2014, she has gained national recognition as one of the stars on Lifetime Channel’s hit TV Show, “Little Women: ATLANTA”: The show displays different adventures of a unique group of smart and hilarious friends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama … who all happen to be little people. Prior to her recent success in the Reality TV world, Monie was a medical claims examiner.

A native of Houston, Texas, Monie now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with fellow boyfriend cast member Morlin of “Little Women: ATL” Truck Drive, and actor. In August 2016, they got engaged. Monie has a12 year old son name Derrick Eugene Becton Jr.

Monie also supports scleroderma non-profit organizations. This disease is dear to Monie heart because her mother Felicia Andrea Wardsworth passed from Scleroderma. Monie is currently working on her voiceover career, being Brand Ambassador Luster Skin Care line for her production company-Little Woman, Big Business. But most importantly launching her own shoe-line (MonieRose), because it’s difficult for little women to find shoes in their size. Monie shoe collection is going to be drop-dead glamour, identifiable, exclusive and darling. Monie other brand she’s introducing to the world is her fragrance-line “Cashette”-Soft as Silk, Hard as Diamond. After launching these two brands she will be working her short-film.

So, watch-out average size world, get ready for a Little Woman, Big Business Production bringing the Hottest New Little People Brands to the Spotlight:

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