Melissa Prophet

You may know Melissa Prophet as an actress in Goodfellas and Casino. She was a show biz natural having grown up in the music business with her father, singer Johnny Prophet. She launched her career working for three years on Kojak with actor Telly Savalas. The former Miss Hollywood, Miss California, and runner up in Miss USA Miss World pageant, worked as an actress until she decided the other side of the camera was her strongest suit. She joined Ashser/Krost Management in 1987 as a film and television manager. She then joined Guber/Peters with Jeff Wald Entertainment. In 1990 Prophet formed Baumgarten/Prophet Entertainment with Craig Baumgarten, a production and management company.

Throughout Prophet has represented successfully many highly acclaimed actors: Academy Award winner Joe Pesci, (Goodfellas); Emmy award winner Kim Delaney, (“NYPD Blue”); Frank Vincent, (“Sopranos”, Casino, and Goodfellas); Lynda Carter, (“Wonder Woman”); Golden Globe winner Barry Bostwick, (“War And Remembrance”, “Spin City”); Colleen Camp, (American Hustle), Peter Greene, (Pulp Fiction, Usual Suspects); Peter Dobson, (The Marrying Man, Forest Gump); Emmy winner Marlo Thomas (“That Girl”), Emmy nominee Cynthia Geary, (“Northern Exposure”), Brian Whimmer, (“China Beach”); Erika Eleniak (“Baywatch”, Under Seige), just to name a few.

Prophet produced with Baumgarten many film and television movie projects and was Associate Producer on Robert Evans’ and Francis Ford Copolla’s Cotton Club.

Melissa Prophet, d.b.a. Melissa Prophet Management, continues to work with select clients in management and consulting for legendary movie producer Robert Evans of Godfather, Chinatown, The Kid Stays in the Picture fame.

Prophet is Executive Director of Development of The Robert Evans Company, Paramount Pictures.

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