Leah Waggner

Leah Waggner was born Rosemarie Dianne Waggner in 1927 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Her parents were Glenn S. Waggner, manager of Harris Dental, a dental supplies company, and Rose E. Waggner. Following graduation from St. Gertrude’s High School (Richmond, Virginia), she entered Longwood State Teachers College (Farmville, Virginia) as a freshman in 1943 to study drama. In January 1944 she was pledged to a woman’s sorority, Mu Omega. She moved with her family to California in 1948.

She became an actress, known as Leah Waggner. Among her eighteen film and television appearances she is known for The Twilight Zone (1959), Gunsmoke (1955), and two appearances each on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) and The Patty Duke Show (1963). She wed actor William Schallert, former president of The Screen Actors Guild, on February 26, 1949 in Santa Barbara, California, and had four sons: William Joseph (born 1949), Edwin G. (born 1952), Mark M. (born 1954), and Brendan C. Schallert (born 1961). Leah Waggner died in 2015, aged 88, predeceasing her husband by one year.

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