Laurie Reeves

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Laurie Reeves is a gifted young actress who made her big screen debut with roles in two feature films released in 1998.

The first, an independent, vampire thriller titled Victotia’s Shadow (1998), featured Reeves in the role of female lead, until bitten by venomous Scream-Queen, Brinke Stevens. In her second film, The Bros. she played a potty-mouthed, pot-smoking hip-hopper. The film was a short, later funded for the feature, in which she also starred, The Brothers.

Another ring on her belt is the cult classic, American Pie 2. She shares screen time with Sean William Scott, John Cho and Justin Isfeld setting up the infamous “champagne” scene.

‘Aimless’, directed by Aloura Charles, is a documentary-style narrative adventure story about three American girls backpacking through Europe and making a documentary for film school admission. Aimless premiered at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival in November 2002.

Other credits include various television appearances, most notably as a Streetwalker in “General Hospital” (2004). Also a talented host, working recently as Brittney the Hostess for “Alf: Season 2” DVD Set.

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