Krystal Tini

Krystal Tini is multi-talented with a range of skills landing her jobs in front of and behind the camera, which include: actress, professional dancer, model, choreographer, costume designer, as well as make-up and hair stylist. Having a knack for creativity, she also designs her own line of hair accessories and yoga/dance wear.

Krystal can be seen in the recently released motion picture Dead Man Down, starring Colin Farell, If Only produced by Jim Wahlberg, along with the made-for-TV film Jersey Shore Beach Shark Attack. She has also appeared on The Dr. Oz Show/website showing off her knowledge in fitness for kids, as well as healthy, organic snacks.

More recently, you can find her dancing across the enormous display screens at the KISS World Tour concerts, along with Nickelback! She has also been the star of several independent films showing her range of diversity and dancing skills.

Her costume design/wardrobe styling and choreography credits include Café with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jaimie Kennedy, Standing Ovation, the 76ers Dance Team and many industrials, as well as pharmaceutical commercials. She has also been a key hair and makeup artist on sets for Walgreens, Philadelphia The Great Experiment, The Reading Hospital campaigns, and tons of different print work across the globe.

Krystal can also be seen as the Vaute Couture spokes model, a new vegan couture clothing line featured in Marie Claire and Teen Vogue magazines, the face of Aqua Health Lab’s, Fit Pro Protein, and landed a cover for NYC’ s Illusion Magazine.

Ms. Tini is on a journey to success and is infinitely grateful for each and every opportunity.

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