Kimberlee Peterson

Kimberlee Peterson was raised most of her life in Colorado. From the time she was born, life was pretty much her stage. Whether she was trying out new moves in dance class or exploring the dangers of gymnastics, the one constant is that she did it with passion and determination. Her family was always amazed and entertained by her “presentation.” As a child Kimberlee was slight in stature, had little freckles on her face, was pigeon-toed and inherited her mother’s ears.

Growing up was tough as times for this sensitive heart, because sometimes other children made fun of the way she looked. At the tender young age of 4, she did some work in a Perry Mason television show. She continued to navigate towards the arts and at the age of 10, she did some training films for a police department. The response to her performance came with much praise and accolades. It was clear at this point, that she had the innate talent and passion to pursue an acting career. When she was twelve years old she competed in “Hooray For Hollywood” a competition that was held in Los Angeles. She won some awards and had legitimate interest from Hollywood agents and managers. The following year the trek was made to Los Angeles, for pilot season. Kimberlee booked some jobs and became eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. The writing was on the wall. She had the substance and drive to pursue this love of acting. At the age of fourteen, Kimberlee and her mom went out to Los Angeles, for another pilot season and ended up permanently moving there. When she turned fifteen, she booked the lead in her first film, “Homecoming” opposite the legendary Anne Bancroft. Since that time she has acquired a full resume, working on television shows and film.

Kimberlee’s sense of heart is one of the reasons she shines so brightly. Wherever this career takes her, a star truly has been born. She will make a difference in this world, because she’s willing to go the distance.

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