Kim Cheek

Born in the small remote town of Edenton, North Carolina, Kim Cheek grew up the youngest of three children to Robert and Patricia Cheek. Spending her days as most country girls back then, going to school, staying out until the streetlights come on and being protected by her two older brothers. It was when she was 12 she left her little country life for the hustle of Richmond, Virginia.

Graduating with an advanced studies diploma, Kim went on to attend college and receive her Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Healthcare Administration, her Medical Assistance degree and become a director of several medical facilities during her career. She became to realize that though she had her four wonderful boys and a very successful career, that something was missing. She still wasn’t quite happy with her self. She had an opportunity arise to be an extra in a student film and she thought ” sure, why not, it sounds fun”. That was all it took! That’s what was missing! She changed careers.

Kim is now known for her most recent roles on: For My Man as Mrs. Pike, who is a raging alcoholic. She also starred in Alaska Ice Cold Killers as Brenda Carr, who is the sister of the victim. She has many background roles under her belt as well such as: Mercy Street, House of Cards, Public Affairs, Imperium, Legends & Lies and Permanent. She is one of the most versatile actresses you will have the pleasure of working with. From handling firearms to a true southern bell, she will definitely charm her way into your heart.

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