Katrina Kemp

Katrina Kemp made her acting/stunt-woman professional debut embodying Chucky the Killer Doll at Universal Studios Hollywood. She’s a Los Angeles native having starred in the circus, Cirque Berzerk, several music videos (Rihanna), and guest star roles on television (Marvel’s Spider-Man, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Man Seeking Woman, Faking It, The Eric Andre Show, American Horror Story, Fameless.) Katrina graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in TV Production from Cal State University Northridge before twerking her way across South America with Miley Cyrus on the Bangerz International Tour in 2014. Katrina is most notably known for her role as Fleck in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, and is the only Little Person Acrobat Singer to complete 410 Broadway-style shows in 41 major cities across North America.

As a self-proclaimed Dwarfism advocate, she decided to look for opportunities that suited her quest for becoming a voice in the inclusivity movement for Little People in the media. Being the first Little Person voicing the first Little Person character in the Marvel Universe, Anna Maria Marconi on Disney XD’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

When not on the road touring, Katrina uses her production degree around the world and in her hometown of Los Angeles. She spends seasons spending time transcribing interviews for editors and story producers for Fox Entertainment, Disney, Bravo Networks, and Full Circle (RuPaul’s Drag Race). With a combined four years of writing expertise and ten years of live performance experience, she is fluid in both sides of the industry.

Whether she is dancing, singing, scaring, twerking, typing, or traveling, Katrina brings her outlook on the world and shares the Dwarfism Awareness movement to any project medium she’s working on.

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