Katie Folger

American actress Katie Folger was born in Barrington, Illinois but grew up largely in Keller, Texas. She moved around a lot as a child, including to Sydney, Australia, and her constant was her family, lively imagination, and her love for the performing arts.

Folger earned her BA in Theatre & Dance from the University of Texas at Austin, graduating with honors and earning a scholarship from the Dean for excellence in her field. While studying theater, playwriting, and journalism at university, Folger became a fixture in the Austin indie film scene with indelible performances in features and series like Zero Charisma, Rooster Teeth’s Day 5, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Results, to name a few. Ultimately, she saw a need for authentic female characters on the page and projects helmed by women, and she funneled her set of skills into a project of her own.

In 2017, she and best-friend-turned-business-partner Juliet Robb launched Dynamite Sisters Comedy, a production company in which they write, direct, produce, and star in satirical, character-driven comedy in conversation with today’s issues and their representation as women. After incubating their work in Albuquerque, New Mexico, they successfully crowdfunded their first wave of content, shooting a web series pilot in Austin and multi-genre comedic sketches in the West Texas desert throughout 2018. The girls are presently releasing regular content via social media and online.

Additionally, Folger extensively trained in song and dance before segueing into acting. She also created a series of workshops for women in all avenues of Austin film, inspired by her own experiences at the Sundance Labs in 2012.

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